The APS Energia Invest management company is the official dealer of APS Energia SA (APS Energia SA) in the Russian Federation.

APS Energia SA is one of the market leaders in the design, and production of uninterruptible power supply systems for power generation, including nuclear power, electric transport,  oil and gas industry, heating, renewable energy sources, medicine, telecommunications, military infrastructure, and other industries. Produced devices (APS Energia Product Catalogs) are adapted to individual technical requirements for the systems of uninterruptible power supply systems in all spheres of its application. APS Energia SA provides comprehensive services for the design, production, installation, and configuration of devices, warranty, and post-warranty service of installed equipment.

The company offers professional support to customers at each stage of the project. APS Energia SA manufactures a wide range of inverters, rectifiers, converters, monitoring systems, and other equipment on the basis of which the systems of uninterruptible power supply for AC or DC consumers are made.
The company's highly qualified team of engineers provides training and consulting on uninterruptible power supply systems, organizes seminars and scientific and technical conferences. We keep our customers up to date on the latest applications and developments in equipment production. APS Energia SA has been manufacturing and maintaining uninterruptible power supply systems for over 25 years. Cooperates with scientific centers in Poland and internationally and employs the best graduates of technical universities. Has research and development department, is focused on an innovative approach and designs individual solutions of the highest parameters available on the market. All processes allow for continuous modernization, production and improve the quality of manufactured products.

APS Energia delivers to such countries as: Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Spain, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Turkey, Iraq, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Iran, Kuwait, Nigeria, Serbia, Macedonia. APS Energia clients in Russia include such companies as Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Rosatom, Rosseti, Russian Railways, Metro, and other companies. The products supplied to customers have the appropriate certificates, licenses, and permits. The APS Energia Invest management company is developing a wide network of partners with companies that are ready to cooperate in selling products (APS Energia Product Catalogs) and services APS Energia in the territory of the Russian Federation.